Claim Procedure

Should it be necessary to make a claim, please ensure the following procedure is adhered to:

  1. Refer to the ’Parts Covered’ section in the Warranty Book and ensure that the part(s) directly causing the breakdown are covered.
  2. If a covered item fails you must report this as soon as reasonably possible. Deliver your vehicle to a Vat registered repairer, preferably your supplying dealer or a repairer nominated by the administrator. Please ensure you take with you your Warranty Book with the Schedule, and receipt(s) for all the services carried out.
  3. Before any work is undertaken, the repairer must contact the Administrator on
    for authorisation.
    At that time the Administrator will need:
    • The Warranty number.
    • The Warranty Holder’s name.
    • Exact mileage.
    • Cause of breakdown.
    • Total cost.
    • Full service history.
  4. Where possible authorisation will be given by means of a specific claim authority number. Any amount in excess of the claim limit is the responsibility of the Warranty Holder.
  5. After the repairs have been completed a fully completed claim form, repair invoice quoting the Warranty number, claim authority number and details of who to pay, together with the service history including receipts should be forwarded to:

    A1 Approved Limited
    Office 56, Sugar Mill
    Oakhurst Road
    LS11 7HL
  6. See the How To Make A Claim section in the Warranty Book for further information.

    Please ensure that the claim authority number is quoted on the repair invoice. This will enable the administrator to deal with your claim with minimal delay.

PLEASE NOTE - It is not possible for the administrator to authorise any repairs without issuing a specific claim authority number. No liability can be accepted for any repair undertaken or commenced without this authorisation.